FEATURE: Now Featuring Featured Cars

Minnesota's car community has no shortage of excellent builds but it seems that they're constantly being lost in the fray. As a state, we need a pedestal for quality cars online, so we're going to start doing FEATURE posts here at The Blog. Our purpose with this blog is to showcase the best that Minnesota has to offer and part of that mission has us hunting high and low to find you the best projects and stories from around the state.

All too often we see those "builds" with plastidipped stock wheels, generic stickers and maybe lowered suspension. While, yes there are those "rispekt mah beel" weenies who don't want to make sacrifices and work hard to make an awesome car, there are still people putting in the work needed. It's time that we break the stigma of these shoddy "builds" being all that Minnesota has to offer and show what Minnesota is really about.

We are not going to concentrate on any single make or model rather try to feature everything from FWD Sport Compacts to Pre-War sports cars and everything in between. Naturally some brands will be more common than others but we will be as diverse as possible. We understand not everyone cares about every style out there so we will have tags on each post for easy filtering. And no, it won't just be a bunch of 6 figure builds 99% of us can't ever attain or a comprehensive list of every super car ever registered in the state of Minnesota.

What we need from you, the reader, is for these stories to inspire you to get into your garage and make something worth reading about. As we get going here on The Blog, our plan is to have a new featured build being posted every two weeks or so.