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LISTS: Top 5 Mid Engine Cars of All Time

The midship rear wheel drive (MR) layout consistently produces some of the best cars ever produced. With few exceptions these cars concentrate on a single characteristic and manufacturers pour their collective engineering talents into these cars. These cars are the result of the proverb "don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing." It's neigh impossible to make an mid-engine car not cool. Here is a list of the Top 5 MR cars ever.

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EVENT: Rockfalls Raceway Sport Compact Day Presented by KaTeng and Drive Cartel

For everyone here who has ever been into drag racing here in Minnesota, the name Rockfalls brings with it both fond memories and infamy. Being the closest 1/4 mile drag strip to the Twin Cities, for years, many of us have our first memories of taking our cars out to the strip here. After a while, the number of track worthy street cars willing to make the 90 minute trek into Wisconsin began to shrink precipitously and threats to discontinue hosting Sport Compact Day at the track were made. All of that is in the past however and it is all thanks to grassroots car enthusiasts.

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