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MEDIA: Bauhaus Brew Labs Classic Import Car Night

Here is some great coverage of the Bauhaus Brew Labs + Japanese Nostalgic Car Classic Import Car Night back in October from Flecs. Bauhaus let the local Japanese Nostalgic Car Community club host an event for all classic import cars in the Twin Cities for the first time in 2017, looking at the turn out you wouldn't believe that this was hosted on a Thursday Night.

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NEWS: Kenichi Yamamoto 1922-2017, Father of the Mazda Rotary

This name at first glance probably means nothing to you, and that is okay, most people aren't well versed in the names and titles of executives in the automotive world. If you have ever liked any Mazda product made in the 20th century, this man was likely responsible in some way for it's development. Kenichi Yamamoto would go down in the annuals of Japanese car culture with Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda, and Yuiichi Katayama, the father of the Z-car and American Nissan. Kenichi Yamamoto was the man behind the Mazda rotary engine.

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Tech: Tips for Better Photos

All of us here love our cars and we love to show them off through any outlet we can find, usually that outlet is via pictures of our cars on social media. When browsing through pictures of cars on our favorite social media pages we usually see one or two shots that stand out and may earn downloading or turning that "like" into a "love" reaction.  This whole article is about turning average photos into something you'd want to show to your mother.

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LISTS: Top 5 Project Cars Under $5,000

That's it, I'm settling it once and for all. These "Best car for $5,000 or less" posts keep cropping up like some automotive variant of the Herpes Simplex virus so we decided to end it once and for all with an official Facebook poll. I left the poll open on the MNCEC Facebook group for 2 weeks, each of these cars got 30+ votes to rule out any statistical abnormalities, I bumped the poll every day or so to make sure people saw it and people were allowed to add their own entries as well.

So enough babbling, here are your votes on what the 5 Best Project Cars Under $5,000 are...

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LISTS: Top 5 Japanese Cars of the 1980s

While America was overcoming their malaise of the previous decade and Europe was doing a fantastic job catering to the 1%, a third option found it's way into the American lexicon. The Japanese automobile. Japanese cars had been around in America since the 1950's but with The Malaise of the 70's the Japanese imports began to find their way into American households in large numbers for the first time. Like the rise of the mammals over dinosaurs after the Cretaceous Paleogene extinction event, The 70's saw the once great giants of American muscle cars lose ground to the more nimble Japanese cars.

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