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EVENT: MNCEC's Ignition Show Part 2: Europe and America

We're picking up with our coverage of Ignition with the European and American offerings. Our original plan was to do a single post for the whole show but there was such an overwhelming number of Japanese cars that we had to have a separate post just for them. It's awesome to be able to see cars from all parts of the car community at one show. We're planning to have some additional correspondents added to the blog that give these more niche corners of the car community their due justice. But, without further adieu, here is the Americans and Europeans of Ignition 2017.

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EVENT: MNCEC's Ignition Show Part 1: Asia

At the beginning of May MNCEC put on their first show of the year, aptly named Ignition. Originally it was going to be held at the US Bank Stadium ramp but due to the turn out at the Winter Ramp Meet in February it was moved to Canterbury Park. We couldn't have asked for better weather at the show and the turn out was unreal. I spent literally the entire show judging with our guest judges; Art from Grimmspeed, Dan Carey from Modern Automotive Performance and Brian Jannusch from International Vehicle Importers. With nearly 1000 cars to judge and 4 people over a course of 4 hours, we had our work set out and it took literally the entire time.

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