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MEDIA: Bauhaus Brew Labs Classic Import Car Night

Here is some great coverage of the Bauhaus Brew Labs + Japanese Nostalgic Car Classic Import Car Night back in October from Flecs. Bauhaus let the local Japanese Nostalgic Car Community club host an event for all classic import cars in the Twin Cities for the first time in 2017, looking at the turn out you wouldn't believe that this was hosted on a Thursday Night.

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Feature: Yuriy's AutoVaz VAZ-2101 - The Gulanator

What was your dream car when you were a teenager? What did you aspire to own? For a lot of us from America, we think of the golden age of gearheads in America and the muscle cars, but that phenomena is very much so a product of the American car market. Now lets toss a wrench into this equation, what if you grew up behind the iron curtain? In the Soviet Union there was a completely different crop of cars, it was literally a different world and that legacy stands in Eastern Europe today.

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