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MEDIA: Bauhaus Brew Labs Classic Import Car Night

Here is some great coverage of the Bauhaus Brew Labs + Japanese Nostalgic Car Classic Import Car Night back in October from Flecs. Bauhaus let the local Japanese Nostalgic Car Community club host an event for all classic import cars in the Twin Cities for the first time in 2017, looking at the turn out you wouldn't believe that this was hosted on a Thursday Night.

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SPOTLIGHT: What's the deal with the Bricklin SV-1

So I have heard grumblings that people want more American cars and have also heard that people want more imports that aren't Japanese talked about here on The Blog. So I have done both and in doing so I have also found the most obscure car in Minnesota to write about. If you've ever wondered if there was ever a Canadian sports car, the answer is yes and this is it. The oh-so-canadian named SV-1 or Safety Vehicle One, famous for being the safest sports car of the 1970s. So what the hell is the Bricklin SV-1 and why should you care? What's the deal with the Bricklin SV-1, eh?

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