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LISTS: Top 5 Mid Engine Cars of All Time

The midship rear wheel drive (MR) layout consistently produces some of the best cars ever produced. With few exceptions these cars concentrate on a single characteristic and manufacturers pour their collective engineering talents into these cars. These cars are the result of the proverb "don't half ass two things, whole ass one thing." It's neigh impossible to make an mid-engine car not cool. Here is a list of the Top 5 MR cars ever.

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LISTS: Top 5 Project Cars Under $5,000

That's it, I'm settling it once and for all. These "Best car for $5,000 or less" posts keep cropping up like some automotive variant of the Herpes Simplex virus so we decided to end it once and for all with an official Facebook poll. I left the poll open on the MNCEC Facebook group for 2 weeks, each of these cars got 30+ votes to rule out any statistical abnormalities, I bumped the poll every day or so to make sure people saw it and people were allowed to add their own entries as well.

So enough babbling, here are your votes on what the 5 Best Project Cars Under $5,000 are...

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LISTS: 5 Ways to HELP Prepare For A Car Show

So I'm going to address an elephant in the room. It seems after every car show there are always comments like this "This show was crap look what won *insert trophy* when *insert vehicle* was way better." A lot of us think this is just a Minnesota thing, I promise you that it happens all over the place. I've even experienced it at Japanese Classic Car Show, which is the most prestigious show in the Japanese collector car biosphere.

Here are the top 5 ways to help you prepare for a car show and increase your chances of winning.

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LISTS: Top 5 Japanese Cars of the 1980s

While America was overcoming their malaise of the previous decade and Europe was doing a fantastic job catering to the 1%, a third option found it's way into the American lexicon. The Japanese automobile. Japanese cars had been around in America since the 1950's but with The Malaise of the 70's the Japanese imports began to find their way into American households in large numbers for the first time. Like the rise of the mammals over dinosaurs after the Cretaceous Paleogene extinction event, The 70's saw the once great giants of American muscle cars lose ground to the more nimble Japanese cars.

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LISTS: Top 5 American Cars of the 1980s

Continuing our countdown to Back to the 80s, we come to the Top 5 American cars of the 1980s.  American brands took steps to up their quality, not through old hat tricks but through legitimate quality improvements and R&D. This fresh infusion of technology saw better drag coeffecients, fuel injection and turbocharging which allowed more economic power to be had. All of that innovation lead to the birth of the Modern Muscle Car and even non-muscle cars were finally on a level to battle imports. After a prolonged malaise, The American car was back with a vengeance.

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LISTS: Top 5 European Cars of the 1980s

Our first list is the Top 5 European Cars of the 1980s. Although Europe has always made excellent cars throughout the history of the automobile, European cars of the 80s were down right rad. With Group B rally during most of the decade, Formula 1 at it's height, various power wars, and the economic excess of the era, European brands had more demand than ever. The demand was only amplified when you include that America was recovering from their malaise of the 1970s and Japanese sports cars weren't yet mainstream.

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