Welcome to the MNCEC Blog


This is the first post on the MNCEC Blog. We're going to use this blog to show what is going on in the Minnesota car community. Our state has always had a history in the car community of the United States but we've often gone forgotten as a petrolhead destination. Why though, are we less important because we have at most 9 months of a car season? No. That short season gives more time in the garage to make our cars be on the next level.


We host Back to the 50's which is one of the biggest car shows in the country. We're home to Rat Rod magazine and Rat Rod culture. Brainerd International Raceway? Yup, that's our backyard. The legendary Paul Newman said that was his favorite race track in the world. The Ojibwe Forest Rally? It takes place here as well. Who had the world's fastest stock turbo Evo and then backed that up with the worlds highest horsepower Ecoboost Mustang? Modern Automotive Performance, right out of Cottage Grove.

Minnesota's car community may lack having a full year to do activities due to our climate but we still make it happen. Our winter is brutal but Prince used to say "the cold keeps the bad people away." We are some of the most die-hard and creative enthusiasts in the country. In Minnesota, we are removed from the influences of the west coast and the east coast, nothing is taboo. Like Chicago, we have the power to make our own footprint on the national stage. Until now, we haven't had a platform to showcase ourselves. Now, we have the power to put our best and finest on a pedestal and show the country just what we are capable of.

Welcome to Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club. Welcome to Minnesota.