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September 2017- Collin Resch and Dan Balto start this page.
November 2017 - Collin buys the Starion we found on Craiglist out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota for $5000 and stores it at his home.
January 2018 - Dan creates crowdfunding strategy proposal.
February 2018 - First donations start rolling in.
April 2018 - Reached 18% raised of $5000 goal
May 2018 - Up to 29% raised of $5000 goal
June 2018 - Up to 42% raised of $5000 goal
July 2018 - Up to 58% raised of $5000 goal
August 6, 2018 - Car detailed by Mike Wolff, awesome job.

$500+  - You get your name on the Gold Tier and business perks as listed above.
$100+  - You get your name on the Silver Tier and a limited edition shirt and limited edition decal.
$20+   - You get your name on the Bronze Tier and a limited edition 20th Annual Cookout decal (silver or gold color decal).
$10+    - You get a normal 20th Annual Cookout decal (white, black, blue, red)