The Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club was founded in 2015 on the basis of being an outlet for good for the entire car community in Minnesota.

Our charity mission is to provide the educational resources needed such as training lectures and tools to the general public with the intent of teaching proper maintenance, driving, and repair skills needed to own and operate a motor vehicle.

November 2017: We made the front page of the Star Tribune with our DIY Garage events at Turbo Tim's Automotive Anything.
June 2016: We adopted our first Highway in Minnesota. We have spots on Hwy 13, Hwy 55, and Hwy 169.
May 2016: We held our first meet at the ramp at US Bank Stadium with over 1200 in attendance. 
December 2015: The heads of various groups meet for the first time to form MNCEC and discuss its mission and goals.