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"Our similarities unite us, our differences define us."
Welcome to the Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club!







All DIY Garage Days cover an educational topic for everyone to learn from.

August 13 - Bodyshop Day at Heppner's Autobody
September 29 - Detailing Interior and Exterior at Yelo Autosports
October 14 - Driver's Training Track Day at DCTC
November 12 -
Open Garage and Lift Day
December 17 - MNCEC 2nd Anniversary Meeting


There are a variety of benefits as well for helping us grow and maintain the Minnesota car scene. Your group can take advantage of our marketing reach to get the word out and recruit members faster and more accurately. We also give back to the groups in various ways and give a 5% discount site-wide to all allied groups.

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Who We Are

The Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club (MNCEC) was established in 2015 when a team was formed comprised of the heads of dozens of local car enthusiast groups with the goal of improving the overall Minnesota car scene. Since then we have grown to a club of over 13000 strong. We spend time hosting charity events, adopting highways, and using our 501(c)3 status setting up educational seminars to help teach people about the basics of car maintenance to help them gain a deeper appreciation for their vehicle. If you or your car group would like to get more involved with MNCEC send us an email or message us on Facebook!